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Mac Thread, Happy Birthday OSX in Technical; OSX Is officially 10 today. The Register has a great article on it here: Apple Mac OS X: ten years ...
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    Happy Birthday OSX

    OSX Is officially 10 today. The Register has a great article on it here:

    Apple Mac OS X: ten years old today ? reghardware

    Anyway, happy birthday OSX you strange and mysterious beast.

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    Looking forward to Lion in the summer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dos_Box View Post
    OSX Is officially 10 today.
    The first job I had after university was maintaining a cross-platform source code control system, one platform of which was the Mac - well, two platforms, really, as Mac OS 9 and Mac OS X were really completly different operating systems. I seem to remember working on a developer preview version of Mac OS X and trying to figure out how file permissions worked. The OS developers seemed to have had two teams, one from the Mac OS Classic side and one from the BSD side, who pretty much did their own thing, hence I wound up trying to maintain a source code control system (heavily reliant on things like file permissions and archive tags) on an OS with two completly different ways to set file permisions. That the system was written in a mixture of Perl and C didn't aid ease of maintainance, either. And then you had two different APIs, Cocoa and Carbon, with many applications seemingly using elements from either somewhat at random. The hardware didn't help, either - toaster-like small form-factor machines (with top-loading CD drives - they did look exactly like toasters!) that were meant to be passivly cooled by the thermal effect of warm air going out the top and drawing cool air in the bottom, but mostly just overheated, and huge desktop machines with the motherboard attached to the removeable side of the case and secured by a single, easily-kicked catch - you would sit down at your desk and realise you'd accidently kicked the release catch as the insides of your computer crashed to the floor...

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