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Mac Thread, Font Issue Using Network Home Folders in Technical; A couple of strange font issues.. Set up is mac clients joined to OD and AD in "Magic Triangle" users ...
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    Font Issue Using Network Home Folders

    A couple of strange font issues..

    Set up is mac clients joined to OD and AD in "Magic Triangle" users are authenticating with AD.

    Students have been trying to install fonts to use with photoshop and indesign that they have downloaded from dafont. Typically .ttf files.

    When they try to install the font it seems like it's going to do it (quick flash of a progress bar) but it doesn't show up in Font Book. However if they browse to their home drive (Network Home)/Library/Fonts the font appears there.. and if they restart and log back in the font shows up in Font Book and works no problem..

    The second problem is that in Word 08 it isn't possible to select a font properly (any font, Arial for Example) as it automatically selects a different font at random.. If you type in the font and press enter it's fine but it seems to have a problem with selecting the font with the mouse. I have only seen this on one machine so far but haven't been able to fix it.. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance,


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    For me the first port of call for the font book would be the console. It may tell you more about what is going on. Also the same for word 08.

    Also with regards to Word have a look around MS site. There was a deployment guide for Office 02/04 which required the fonts to be redirected or something IIRC.

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    It's probably best to install fonts in the machine Library folder rather than the User Library folder, unless there's a particular reason you need to restrict them by user? Some font-dependent applications (Sibelius for example) really hate not having their fonts in the machine's Library. Allowing students to install their own fonts might come back to haunt you later

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