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Mac Thread, Introducing Mac books\ipads to a primary school? in Technical; Originally Posted by torledo I can't even see how terminal services can be all that usable given the sticking point ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by torledo View Post
    I can't even see how terminal services can be all that usable given the sticking point of not being able to use a mouse
    Would a stylus work? e.g.

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    Macbook Airs: You can certainly look at OpenOffice as a good compatible Mac application for your Office 2003 files. Apple Pages is really good at reading all Office files too but you have to remember to EXPORT as Word if you want your file to open on a PC. Macs will bind to AD fine but setting up permissions and policies is something you need a solution for. I would buy a Mac Mini server to handle that, given the relatively small Mac count, but not for file storage. See threads elsewhere on "AD/OD integration" and the "Golden Triangle" for more info. You can use it for image deployment and storage as well. I'm not sure about the encrypted datastick question but I can try to find out if you're stuck. I would buy just one Macbook Air Superdrive that you can just plug in via USB if you need to. Keep it yourself rather than giving it to a teacher. I can sympathise with the extra workload this will mean for you, but it won't be so bad! People keep trying to use iPads as laptops, and that's kind of not the point. It can be done though, and yes they make pretty good terminals. But really they work best as a stand alone consumption or interaction device, as a reader, player or browser, and interacting with cloud based services. If you try to use them to create documents for storage on the network you'll quickly think of them as a poor substitute for a netbook Here's a nice blog about mobile learning using iPads and iPods: Digital Roadtrip

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