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Mac Thread, OS X Server - needed ? in Technical; OK we are ordering 20 or so Imac's today - we will have a windows suite and a mac suite ...
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    OS X Server - needed ?

    OK we are ordering 20 or so Imac's today - we will have a windows suite and a mac suite then. (not bad for a primary)

    I have had a Mac here to play with, managed to gt it taling to my exchange box and fileserver box.

    Is there a great need for the osx server too - what are the benefits of an osx server as well as my windows servers ?

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    Re: OS X Server - needed ?

    You don't need to spend silly money on a XServe but it is recommended to buy a cheap Mac Mini or a second hand Mac that will run OS X Server. This will then allow you to lock down the macs and administer things a little better.

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    Re: OS X Server - needed ?

    A server (as Ric says, you don't need the fancy hardware bit of this) enables you to do two important things:

    - manage machines, to lock down what can and can't be changed, centrally manage software updates, etc.

    - deploy "images" of the computer installation, so all your computers are built from a standard image, and hence easier to support / update / etc, using NetBoot and NetRestore.

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