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    Apple Keyboard - 3rd party replacement


    We have a need to replace some Apple keyboards in our IT areas. Can any of you recommend a cheaper alternative to the £31 metal USB keyboards? I understand that ANY USB keyboard will work, but ideally I would like one with an Apple key so that if students are instructed to do "Apple C" to copy, half the room won't be confused as they only have a Windows key on their Mac! Any suggestions gratefully received.


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    None of the Apple keyboards come with the Apple key now IIRC. They just have either the cmd logo or just cmd on them.

    maybe have a look at ScrumpyMacs - Buy or sell second hand or used apple macs, iPod, iMacs, PowerMacs, Mac Pros, Mac Books and spare parts online.. They may have some of the older keyboards.

    Hope this helps.

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    I know we sell a Macally one from time to time. That should be simple enough to find and they are OK. IKEY5 Macally Peripherals

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