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Mac Thread, Backup Xserve to NAS servers in Technical; Hi I am running Retrospect 8.1 for Mac to do a replication backup from live server to 2 seperate NAS ...
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    Backup Xserve to NAS servers


    I am running Retrospect 8.1 for Mac to do a replication backup from live server to 2 seperate NAS boxes. One is a freenas box which talks via AFP and the other is to an overland SNAP server which talks NFS.

    I am having a few problems using the copy function in Retrospect to copy all the contents of the RAID over to 2 seperate NAS destinations.

    I having problems doing backups to these destinations. I have tested that if I use a external drive connected via Firewire it seems to be fine.

    Does anyone know how best I can create a replica of the server storage to the NAS boxes. We used to use these NAS boxes to keep backups of Retrospect catalogs which I used to use the backup function of retrospect but having previous bad experience trying to restore from a backup and getting the need media message I thought I would try the copy function instead.

    The errors I get in the logs are the following:

    On email:
    From Retrospect: Script "MonWedFri AppleNas" failed during automatic execution, error -1017 ( insufficient permissions). Please launch Retrospect and check the log for details.

    Script: MonWedFri AppleNas
    Date: 11/29/2010
    Script "MonWedFri AppleNas" incomplete

    When I look at the logs I get a lot of

    Scanning incomplete, error -1101 (file directory not found)

    I have also seen

    MAP error: unknown MAC error 45.

    Can anyone help?

    To me this seems certain to be a permissions problem just wondering if other techs had similar problems settings up network storage to do backups from a MAC server and how did you do it?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Why not configure Time Machine to backup to your NAS box?
    I'm currently running a test with a MAC OSX 10.5.8 that is successfully backing up (and restoring) to/from a netgear readynas 1100.
    Once I'm happy with it, I'll be configuring all the Macs (and probably the XServe, too) to use the NAS box

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