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Mac Thread, Integrating Mac into Active Directory in Technical; I have just finished setting up a mac mini with server os x server, as an open directory master and ...
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    Integrating Mac into Active Directory

    I have just finished setting up a mac mini with server os x server, as an open directory master and active directory binding, i have created user groups and link to active directory login groups, and set all the restrictions. Then i took my first imac and bound to active directory and open directory.

    When i log in as a pupil i get their ad home folder on the tool bar, which works fine, however when i run something from i life 11, e.g garage band it saves to the default home directory of the mac.

    Does anyone know how i can set the imacs programs to default save to the ad home directory.

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    Just done this, not sure if it's the best way, but where you bind it to AD, expand "advanced settings". Remove the tick from (and I'm working from memory here) "force local home folder" and put a tick into "use network home". I have, occasionally, had my test user account kick because the folder "Documents" isn't present in the network home area. I'm sure I'll find a fix for that soon!

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    if you plan to use iMovie you'll need to use a local folder as a local storage area, the easiest way is to create a a folder called 'iMovie Events' in the root folder with RW permissions for everyone, if you have ARD then use the copy function to pass it to all your machines (making sure you use the set ownership to - inherit & place in root folder)

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