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Mac Thread, Logic Express - Audio Functions greyed out in Technical; Hi There must be somebody else out there who also has this problem! I'm using Logic Express 9. If I ...
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    Logic Express - Audio Functions greyed out


    There must be somebody else out there who also has this problem!

    I'm using Logic Express 9. If I create a new project and save to a network share then all of the Audio Functions of that project (except Change Gain) are greyed out. If I save locally, then none of the Audio Functions are greyed out.
    The network uses a 1gb link.

    The problem is that I'm the administrator of a school network and students need to save to a network share so that the teacher can access and mark work.

    (The test I did to show this problem was to log into two iMacs next to each other (as administrator). I loaded Logic and selected 'New Project'. After pressing record, you are prompted to save. One I saved to the administrator's user profile on the local hard disk, the other to a share on our MAC server. Both saved ok, and a recording was made on both. However, the functions are greyed out on the one saved to the MAC server and not greyed when saved locally. I checked permissions on the file on the MAC server and the administrator has Read/Write access. I didn't do anything more complicated than that. I've never used Logic until I was shown this problem to investigate by the way!)

    Any ideas??


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    Hmmm... Thinking about the file structure Logic uses when saving: New Projects are created in a folder with the name of the project. Inside there you will get the Logic session file, and folders into which your project materials can go - Audio files, bounces, plug in settings and so on. Now as well as that, you also get to designate a file path for new recordings, and you get to pull in materials, loops for example, from other visible storage areas and libraries. In other words you can designate the Local drive as your recording drive for the project, in which case new audio gets recorded there. That's the default because you need guaranteed hard drive speed. Loops and other audio can be pulled in from wherever they currently reside to make your song. Now when you SAVE the project to the network share, you are not necessarily moving the audio files as well. So you might be experiencing permissions problems because the audio files are only being referenced and are still in the original locations. When you come to save, select SAVE AS... and look for a triangle in that window called something like "Include Assets" (from memory I think it's that). This will make copies of all the assets used in the Project and put them into the relevant folders within the project folder on the Share. That way all the permissions should be right. Let me know if that works for you.

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