Our Art department use a Canon iRC3080 copier which they use as a network printer.

The printer is added to clients manually, by installing the driver, then added as an IP printer with LPD. It works fine...for a bit

Almost daily, each client will report the printer as paused. Trying to unpause (as per OS X) requires an admin password - annoying but workable, except this doesnt fix the problem. After a password is put in they get an error -50

If I delete the printer then add it straight away again, it is fine. I am currently having to do this about once a day (sometimes twice or more) to 25 macs. It's driving me and the art department insane.

I've tried both the UFRII and PS driver from Canon, and various versions of each. The problem still occurs. However, it only seems to occur on 10.6. Until recently we had some Macbooks on 10.5.8 and I never heard a complaint about them until I upgraded them.

Anyone got any ideas, or is there a better way I could be setting this printer up?