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Mac Thread, MACs sending Malformed DNS streams in Technical; Hi all Heres an odd one for you. New Apple IMACs running Snow Leopard, Apple Server controlling policy. Also use ...
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    MACs sending Malformed DNS streams

    Hi all

    Heres an odd one for you. New Apple IMACs running Snow Leopard, Apple Server controlling policy. Also use AdmitMac. Joined to domain, and domain logons all working ok. Domain is Server 2008 R2.

    Over the past two weeks, there have been a couple of occurances of specific MACs sending streams of malformed DNS packets across the network. We spot this after all other connectivity grinds to a halt - speeds bottom out completely, logins fail etc. Wireshark shows us streams of malformed DNS. Each time the offending machine(s) are removed, the system returns to normal after a few mins. What would cause these machines to go completely screwy!

    Ideas please...


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    Possibly broken network cards, have you tried them on a different switch or different cable/building wireing to rule out a wireing fault. Otherwise it may be a call to applecare to replace the motherboards.

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    Just curious if these machines are boot camped ? If so does it do the same under windows ??

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