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Mac Thread, Bootcamp in Technical; Hi. We have quite a few Bootcamped Macs. I have been asked to find out how much time is being ...
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    We have quite a few Bootcamped Macs. I have been asked to find out how much time is being spent on the mac or windows partition. Is there a simple way to find out?

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    It seems to me your question is about user/network usage and has nothing to do with Bootcamp per se. Whatever monitoring tools you're using on the Windows side should work. You are running Windows 'Bare Metal' after all.

    For OSX you can either 'roll your own' utility or use a command line utility such as 'last' or probably better still use ARD's User History Report feature. Assuming you have it? More on ARD here:

    Apple - Remote Desktop 3 - Resources

    Watch the Tutorial. It's possible 3rd-Party Utilities such as Splunk might be of further use?

    Splunk | IT Search for Log Management, Operations, Security and Compliance

    Antonio Rocco (ACSA)
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