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Mac Thread, Urgent help needed - Mac and IntY in Technical; I really could do with some help here, I have our most senior leader/owner of the company that owns our ...
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    Urgent help needed - Mac and IntY

    I really could do with some help here, I have our most senior leader/owner of the company that owns our school sitting in the head's office. He has a Mac, and I know nothing about the things at all. We have an IntY ExoServer that deals with all of our internet/mail access. He is connecting to our network using wireless. Normally when he turns up, it's just a case of sling him the wireless key, and then when he tries to access the internet Inty complains that access is denied due to not be authenticated, and gives the option of connecting using the Java connection manager. Only this time I'm not getting that option. I don't get the page even displaying that tells me I'm not authenticated. I've set the IP manually (that was fun, considereing that the laptop is also in spanish, just to add to it), so I know that's right. It's connected to the wireless as far as I can see. I mean, how the devil am I supposed to find a solution when the whole thing is in another language, I don't use a Mac, and the user doesn't understand what I'm looking for to point me in the right direction for the settings!
    I've logged a call with IntY, but they're saying 10 hours min response and it's my backside on the line. Please help!

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    So your wireless network requires a password? Is it's not picking up and asking for it go to the Networking panel and select "Airport" on the left side. From there you can select the "Network Name" from the pull down menu. If it's hidden or want to add it manually select the "Advanced" button. Here you can add in a network point.

    Hope this help and what you were looking for.

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