SInce the snow has stopped me working, i decided to get a problem of my own out of the way at home. Except i haven't managed it yet. I have been trying for a wek now and still cannot get it right.

The issue is i have moved my mac mini to a seperate room from the router along with my G5. Now the macmini will be my server to test out deployments etc but my G5 needs access to the internet as well as it is my main working machine. I need to set up the server as the gateway to the interent via my router wirelessly.

I have tried the gateway assistant but it doesn't give me interent access on either the server OR the g5. I have tried moving the ports around in the port configuration in sys prefs and it allows access on the server to the internet but then the g5 cannot find the server for the accounts. The nat is also blocking the serial support port but when i look at the settings on the firewall they all seem fine. Again it looks to be a dns issue but i can't see where.

*Note to self* I need DNS training!!!