Hello rather than create a load of threads i have bundled together some questions that relate to problems i am experiencing on our network. If any one can help or offer any advice it would be much appreciated.

We have a windows network running server 2008 and stores all users home drives, we have an apple network that is bound to AD and allows for user authentication. The apple network is currently storing the userspace for those users that work on the mac machines in media suites and using WGMAC controls the preferences for the macs. Users are set up as Augmented users running a script that gives the user a xserve network share and a mounted drive on the desktop linking to the windows userspace, this had to be done by a customised script due to the way our network was setup and has caused us many problems. sorry for the long post but questions are coming now.


1 When a user logins they seems to have lost their xserve network space from the dock, i am able to set dock items for software via user groups and then computer groups depending on the room they are in. I haev tried "Add Other Folders" but the only one that works is the Applications. Documents and Network home do not show and would really like them to, any ideas?

2 Software updates, the server is set to auto download updates, and if i run check from updates from a client it recognises the updates from the Xserve. What i would like to know is how do i get them to autoinstall the updates to the clients?

3 We use iMovie, and have been reading many threads on here and think i know of possible answers. When a student imports video footage, they dont get asked where to store, as a result the footage is all stored locally so a students has to use the same machine each time. Is there anyway around this? we dont really want students accessing other students footage.

4 Mobile accounts, my biggest nightmare and can only believe this is linked to the fact that the network home is not showing but i can be wrong.

I have four staff laptops for teachers that will go home and create resources and would like them to sync with the network as backup.

so under comouter groups i have Mobility ticked with "Account Creation" set as always and "Required confirmation" ticked (this is my way of checking the preference runs as we always get asked) we have it set to "create home and default sync settings" Under Rules we have "Preference Sync" and "Home Sync" set as always using the default settings.

Now when a user logs in they get asked to confirmation creation of a mobile home and then that is all, i can check their userpsace and it has created a local userspace using the local home template. i can saves files and work locally but these files are not be synced. I used to get the synch icon in the toolbar which stated "Never Been Synced" however the icon has since disappeared though that is ticked under mobility preferences.

So basically i would like some advice that would allow me to get mobilyt ans snchin up and running.

If anyone can offer any advice on the above i would be much appreciated.

Thank You