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Mac Thread, Using .MOD files with iMovie in Technical; Is there any way to convert .mod files to work with iMovie 6 without having to take the .mod to ...
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    Using .MOD files with iMovie

    Is there any way to convert .mod files to work with iMovie 6 without having to take the .mod to a PC for conversion first?

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    Not that I'm aware of.
    iMovie works best when it downloads the content from the camera itself (so it can convert it to a suitable format on the way). That said, I've never heavily used iMovie6 (only 08/09), so I could be wrong - it might be entirely possible to drag'n'drop files into it, in which case, you'll likely need to find a convertor tool for OSX that supports .MOD files.

    MPEG Stream Clip, ffmpegX and HandBrake might be good places to start.

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    What about handbrake ( HandBrake ) ???

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    Pc or MAC

    ffmpeg look up BinKit-v2.0 in google. theres a mac ver and PC and Nix. it has scripts built in for 240p-360p-480p-720p-iphone outputs to flv
    but i use it for staff using flip cams that make mod files.to convert them to wmv just need to mod script to it outputs to mp4.

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