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Mac Thread, Just got an old iMac and need a bigger HD in Technical; I've just purchased for 450 a 17" Core Duo iMac complete with Office 2004 and Adobe CS (the origional one) ...
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    Just got an old iMac and need a bigger HD

    I've just purchased for 450 a 17" Core Duo iMac complete with Office 2004 and Adobe CS (the origional one) in immaculate condition. It came with 1.5GB RAM and a 160GB HD. What I want to know is:

    a. What is the largest HD I can put in there as 160GB isn't very much at all.
    b. Is 2GB the RAM limit for these machines?

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    whats the mac part code on it ?

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    The G5 can support 2GB of Ram max

    also i'm sure you can put any size hard drive in them.

    instructions here - iMac G5 DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Instructions

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    Can you either get ahold of your model # or SN# ..... if you PM me the Serial I can tell you the correct model you have but for the Intel Core Duo there were two 17" models. One that had a max of 2GB & one with a max of 3GB

    As for the Hard Drive size you are only limited to the physical size of the Hard Drive itself.

    It you are going to take the computer apart to replace the HD take your time. This model is not all that easy as it requires you to remove the front panel & LCD panel just to get at the HD. If you are going to do this have a look at my videos here. I don't usually do take apart videos but people were braking their panels because they were doing the take apart wrong.

    How toTake Apart an iMac - Part 1 (Remove Front Panel)

    How toTake Apart an iMac - Part 2 (Remove LCD Panel)

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