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Mac Thread, map drive to users server directory, not share in Technical; nah were are not rm thank goodness, cc is just a prefix for our servers, i am trying to do ...
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    nah were are not rm thank goodness, cc is just a prefix for our servers, i am trying to do exactly what hodgehi mentions, give users access to their my documents folder which happens to be stored centrally on ccdata03, under a share called students, and then in a sub folder called a,b,c d etc, and then in a folder called their username, eg 0900000. i dont want them to have to navigate through all of these folders but want them to have direct access. ive already told workgroup manager to add an icon to the users dock, which works, they can access their server my docs folder, however when using applications there is no way of getting to this dock icon.

    my users have two areas to save to, the local mac, and the server my docs. all that shows up in applications is the local mac.

    hope that explains a little better

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    Install services for unix (i.e NFS) on the Windows fileserver and mount wherever you like?

    There should be no problem with
    mount.nfs  server:/folder/subfolder/1/2/3 ~/ServerHomeDir
    for example

    (NFS on Windows, though better in 2008 & Win 7, does have some flaws.)

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