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Mac Thread, Script to Create Multiple Websites in Technical; Hi, Our Year 6 year group leader has decided that he wants every child in Year 6 to be able ...
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    Script to Create Multiple Websites


    Our Year 6 year group leader has decided that he wants every child in Year 6 to be able to create their own website.

    We are going to use our Mac server for this as it's pretty under used and I was wondering if anyone knew of a script that could create the virtual server/ftp directory from a CSV file?



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    I would advise to use a different server for this. Whether this be a Linux server or a Windows Server. The reason being is I presume that you are going to be uploading via FTP? If so the FTP service on a Mac Server is unreliable. I have done this very thing what you are planning to do. In the end you just end up with constant permissions problem where the permissions file on the X-Server needs to be trashed and recreated by the server by restarting the FTP service.

    You may have more luck than me, however, I know others that have the same opinion.

    If you browse a little further through the mac forum, you will see a guide i knocked up on how to do the same sort of thing using IIS 6.0

    Again, I presume that you will be using iWeb to create these sites.

    Anyway I hope it's all going well for you.

    I created a generic virtual site for a group i.e. year 6 and then created the dns records for these sites. The pupils then used their usernames for the sites. So when navigating to each others webpages they would use year6.name.of.domain/username

    Hope this helps. If you have any other questions you could send me a pm or give me a call.

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