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Mac Thread, iPAD for all students AHHHHHHHH in Technical; Using masses of bluetooth outside the home setting, especially with 802.1b/g/n around is asking for trouble. (Hint: 2.4 Ghz)...
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    Using masses of bluetooth outside the home setting, especially with 802.1b/g/n around is asking for trouble. (Hint: 2.4 Ghz)

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    Quote Originally Posted by torledo View Post
    the more choice in terms of enterprise mgmt apps the better, but from a cursory glance at the press release don't think anything stands out that isn't already done by either the iphone CU or enterprise iOS mgmt solutions.

    when people talk about true enterprise manageability of handheld/mobile devices the nirvana has to be over-the-air deployment of apps and application of updates [for OS and apps]. At present the hurdle with iOS devices and appstore apps is the requirement to have itunes as the deployment software, and hence direct usb connections to an itunes or iphone CU host.

    what i would like to see is support for bluetooth mice so you can get a better windows desktop experience for those using the ipad and app streaming/VDI apps [this to me makes it a true netbook killer if you have the app streaming or VDI back-end]. what would also be nice is more over-the-air deployment options available in the next releases of the iphone CU.
    Yes, but this app alos manages Windows PC's and Macs, under one single banner. I have no doubt other network management vendors will be working on similar products, but generally they wait to see what the first to market does. Generally beign forst to market gets you eiter:

    a. The largest slice of the pie. Or....
    b. A widely lambasted product others copy and better.

    Either way, centralised management of all your computers and devices is better than many disparate tools with differing capabilities and operating methods that don't want to talk to one another. As often is pointed out here. You can do pretty much all you want with the standard set of free Microsoft tools, but it isn't easy to roll out many different changes to varying kit from these tools. That's why there is a huge market for management software.

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