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Mac Thread, Quick questions - please help in Technical; We dont use SIMS but will hopefully have our web based registration in by the time we have to use ...
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    We dont use SIMS but will hopefully have our web based registration in by the time we have to use them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3s-gtech View Post
    The fun part is when they start asking to do the SIMS register on the teacher one. Explaining how to reboot into your Boot-Camp Windows XP install, then restart back into OSX is probably enough to give the staff a migraine. If you have a web based registration system it's sooooo much better.
    A Terminal Server is your friend here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ICT_GUY View Post
    Garageband for PC

    Seriously one app to spend 3 x the money on a suite? Wow
    I find that those in the LEA who are pushing for MACs tend to be fairly non-technical people who have gone on a few courses that used MAC software and would rather everyone else pay out for new hardware/software etc than make the effort to transfer the skills they learned on their courses to similar software on other platforms. Plus the MACs at the training centre are new and not subject to as much pupil/teacher abuse and so run faster than most school equipment, creating the impression that all MACs are faster.

    I'll have to remember the "pay for my training" idea next time someone wants a bunch of MACs. If they go for it, it'll be the first bit of "proper" training any of my schools has paid for, and quite a reasonable request too.

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    A lot of the good educational music stuff on mac actually have cross platform versions, and there are better products than garage band (it's like the fisher price of music apps). I know there is a few threads on here that you could probably look up and offer suggestions on other applications.

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