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Mac Thread, Mounting multiple folders from Windows Server on Mac in Technical; I'm a new user to Macs and have attended 10.5 Support and Server Essential classes, so I'm not completely illiterate ...
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    Mounting multiple folders from Windows Server on Mac

    I'm a new user to Macs and have attended 10.5 Support and Server Essential classes, so I'm not completely illiterate when it comes to Macs, however for the life of me I can not figure this out.

    I have bound the Mac to AD and can login and out of the accounts. I can login as the user and have the home folder automount per changes made on the Windows 2008 Server. However when trying to implement my script to mount other folders or to use "Connect to Server" I'm having complications.

    I'm trying to connect to three different folders on the same file server:


    I can map data/share however, the other two will not mount. I can rearrange in my script the order of mounting and the 1st one will mount but not the rest, same goes for when using "Connect to Server".

    The overall goal is to bind 48 Macs to Active Directory w/o using Open Directory and to not change anything for the 500+ Windows machines currently being bound to AD. When a user is logged in, their home folder currently appears, we are also wanting the shared folder to appear for all users and then their division and department based on their username. Then to have printers mapped based on username. We do have a vbscript for our windows machines and if I could figure out how to tweak that to run on the Macs, I'd be very happy, but I'm asking just for a little help at a time.

    Let me note that I do not have access to the Windows Server and it is very difficult to have the Server Admin do any changes necessary to make things easier on the Mac users.
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    i dont think macs are happy with deep mapping if you created a share for server2/data/division/it as \\server/division/it or better //server/it i think you may get better results

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    As far as I know this is the case, if you want to map to a share it has to be a top level share such as \\server1\homespace. This means of course that you end up with a lot more top level shares on your server than you might like. Also I believe that this mapping will not show up when you go to save a document in the save finder window so you might have to navigate over the network to find the correct server and share to save into?.

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