Hi Gang,

Now in the words of Denzil Washington in Philedelphia "Explain this to me like im a six year old"

In our art department we have 1 Kyocera C5200DN laser colour 5x RM ones on the RM network and 5 iMacs and 2 Apple G4's (running tiger OS)

We have installed the printer as a network printer on one of our RM servers and prints absoutely fine.

We then added the printers to the mac as a network printer via the IP address and installing the drivers. Each print from the apples then took early 8 minutes wait to print (even though there was no queue).

We then decided to install the printer locally on each G4 and iMac, works a treat for around 3 days then it starts printing out error codes and we continually have to re-install the drivers.

We do how ever have an Xserve which is used mainly for the music department and was wondering if we should install the printer on that and share it out? Would there be any implications of having two server print queues for a single printer.

Has anyone else came across this type of issue?

Any help to slow down my rapidly greying head would be appriciated

Andy T