Has anyone managed to get this s/w to work on an Intel OSX 10.5 Mac?

I have been asked to get Embedding Formative Assessment professional development packs 1 & 2 working on our Macs. When I run EFA Toolkit v1 from the EFA_Toolkit_mac directory then I get a front page from which I can navigate in to the various sections. Within each of these sections I am give a list of documents to read, clicking on these documents is supposed to open up another file. When clicking or double clicking on these links nothing happens.

On further investigation I noticed there is a directory called fscommand which contains all the documents and also a small application which has the same name but postfixed with .open.app (eg TLC2_1_1.pdf & TLC2_1_1.open.app). I am able to open the .pdf files by clicking on the directly however if I click on the .open.app I receive an error, "You can't open the application "TLC2_1_1.pdf.open" because the Classic environment is no longer supported". In the Windows version of the s/w the files are TLC2_1_1.pdf & TLC2_1_1.pdf.exe, where the .exe file opens up the PDF.

My research indicates that the classic environment is not supported on Intel Macs and on OS 10.5+. I have tried it on 10.5 PowerPC and Intel with same error. This has been reported to the supplier who says it works fine on their Mac running Snow Leopard (10.6) so it must be a problem on my machines. I then performed a clean install of OSX, Adobe Reader and Flash as per their instructions. I still receive the error.

Any thoughts on how to get it working properly. I know I can point the staff at the individual PDFs but that is a bit of a pain (I don't need hassle from the staff).