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Mac Thread, Remotely deploy .dmg - possible? in Technical; Our iMacs need the Office 2008 software updating; I am trying to find a way to do this using ARD. ...
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    Remotely deploy .dmg - possible?

    Our iMacs need the Office 2008 software updating; I am trying to find a way to do this using ARD.
    Problem is, I have .dmg's and not installer packages, so ARD is having none of it.

    Is there a way? Can I do something to the .dmg's to make them into packages?

    I did find a solution which would copy the .dmg's and then run a script to install and then delete them, but I'm not entirely comfortable with scripts so I'm looking for an alternative.


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    From what I remember you can mount the .dmg and drag the update.pkg out onto your ARD machine then send it out via remote desktop. Works for a lot of things but not all.


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    You are correct jlucas. You can open the DMG on your local machine and drag and drop the .pkg file into the Install window of ARD. This will then deploy the package to the clients. Also if you have iWork 09 or any other app that has a shortcut link to the .pkg file, if you right-click this and then choose show original, you can then drag this onto the install window and deploy that too.

    Also of note. If you have a few packages that require restarts, i.e. Quicktime update, iTunes updates, Java etc, you can drag all of these onto the same Install window. The client will only restart once after all packages have been installed.

    The attachment is an example of this install window for those that don't know what i mean. You click the install icon at the top to get to this. You drag the packages into the top-half of this window. You can then drag the groups of computers that you want to deploy to into the bottom-half.
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    Thanks folks... this has made my day considerably better!

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