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Mac Thread, hardcode/ force proxy in Technical; hi, I'm not that strong with macs but I have the following task I need to complete. I want to ...
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    hardcode/ force proxy


    I'm not that strong with macs but I have the following task I need to complete.
    I want to stop our macs comunicating directly with our default gateway or upstream proxy.
    Messing with the gateway itself is out of the question unfortunately.

    Can anyone advide how to block any communuication with
    using iptables or the mac version of iptables.


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    Go into terminal and type:

    sudo ipfw list

    This will show the current firewall settings. It will probably read:

    65535 allow ip from any to any

    Then type:

    sudo ipfw deny ip from YOUR_IP to

    That should do it. Type 'sudo ipfw list' again to check.
    If it doesn't work, Type 'sudo allow ip from any to any' again to put it back.

  3. Thanks to deps from:

    Jose (4th March 2010)

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