I'm currently configuring a dual directory setup which is allowing users to authenticate with their AD credentials but get mac preferences according to their group in Open Directory.

However, the home directories are specific to this part of the school (music dept), so are being hosted on the mac server in my own large HDD's. I have managed to set it up so that the mobile account from the mac server is downloaded to the local drive, and the directory can sync up on login fine, and I can also do it manually with no problems. The Workgroup manager preference for mobility is set up properly as far as i'm aware (in the home sync tab, set to 'Always' and Logout is ticked along with the other buttons), but the logout sync simply doesnt happen. Even when changes are made.

When I log back in as the user, the home will sync up fine, but this really needs to happen on logout incase a student moves computer etc etc.

Anybody had a similar problem?? I've tried doing things like disabling manual sync, in a desperate attempt but no joy!