I'm trying to migrate a 10.5.8 PPC Server on to a new 10.6 Intel server. The machine looks after our managed preferences for our Macs, so it's an Open Directory master.

The new 10.6 machine has a fresh install of 10.6 server. It has been joined to our Active Directory and I am promoting it to an OD master. I was going down the road of using the OD backup/archive from the old 10.5.8 machine, and importing/restoring this on to the 10.6 machine using the 'Merge' option. If I do this, all of my computers and groups appear and clients are managed, however in the Kerberos section of Server Admin it lists the Kerberos realm as the name of the old machine. I had found some instructions online which say you can destroy the Kerberos settings then re Kerberise the server by clicking "Kerberise" in server admin, but this option is not there once I trash the old Kerberos settings.

So, is there a way to use the backup archive from the old server and somehow replace/make it forget the old hostname?


Is there a better way to do this?

Any advice welcome