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Mac Thread, Wifi Passwords for Network Users in Technical; Hello, We are having an issue with our macbooks here in the school. The laptops can connect to one of ...
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    Wifi Passwords for Network Users


    We are having an issue with our macbooks here in the school. The laptops can connect to one of our wireless routers, but they don't have the passwords from the other 2. Is there a way, using remote desktop to put the wireless keys for the other routers on the computers and have them accessible to our network users who log into the laptops?



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    Using something like Apple PackageMaker (free) or JAMF Composer, you could create a package that includes these settings, then install the package with Apple Remote Desktop. Packagemaker and Composer (and other similar applications) can monitor changes you make on a machine and then make a package of the modified files. So you would scan the machine beforehand, make your changes (i.e. add passwords to keychain), then scan it again; the software then creates a .pkg file.

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