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Mac Thread, Retrospect and file permissions problem in Technical; My Retrospect 8 backups were working fine. I changed some ACL permissions on a home folder (one which is included ...
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    Retrospect and file permissions problem

    My Retrospect 8 backups were working fine.

    I changed some ACL permissions on a home folder (one which is included in the backup) as I needed to give someone read access to the contents therein, and now my Retrospect backup is complaining it needs new media (400gb tape) whereas before, I had over 100gb free.

    I suspect that what has happened, is that because all the files in the location I am trying to back up have now got this extra permission on them, some sort of indicator has changed on the file, and Retrospect thinks all the files are additional to the ones on the tape, and is trying to add them to what is already on there.

    How can I stop Retrospect having this problem if and when I change file permissions this way? Am I missing something in the configuration? I tend to use the wizard to set up my scripts, so is there something I should be ticking/unticking?

    It's not practical to say "don't change permissions", because invariably I have to, for a variety of reasons.

    This is the only conclusion I can make, as prior to me making this quite sweeping permissions change, my back ups were running fine.

    It did happen once before, and I re-did all my Retrospect scripts and media sets thinking maybe it was a 'quirk' with the system, but now it has happened again, it is going to be a real headache to resolve each and every time.

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    In case it is of use to anyone else...

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    "Don't change permissions" *is* the answer, unfortunately.

    Retrospect keeps track of ACLs so files can be restored with the proper permissions. If you change them, it will think it's a "modified file".

    I believe the only way to back something up *without* retaining ACLs (and I'm not 100% sure about this) is to mount the home folder as a "share" instead of using the Retrospect Client to back up things directly.

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