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Mac Thread, Removing superfluous folder from Home listing in WGM in Technical; I created a share in Server Admin which I then designated to be used a home folder. I don't actually ...
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    Removing superfluous folder from Home listing in WGM

    I created a share in Server Admin which I then designated to be used a home folder.

    I don't actually want that folder to be used as such anymore, and 'unshared' it.

    Problem is, it is now showing up under the Home Folders listing in WGM.

    How can I stop it from being listed in WGM as it is no longer a share, or required?

    I created the share via a client machine running WGM and Server Admin. Should I have used Remote Dektop and done the work on the server?


    Mac OS 10.5, OD xserve, no AD.

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    Launch WorkGroup Manager. From the WorkGroup Manager Menu select Preferences. Enable the "Show "All Records" tab and inspector" option. A new icon (looks a bit like a bullseye) should have appeared in the icons tab. You should also gain an extra "Inspector" tab in the right hand window. Click on the bullseye icon. There should be a small pop-up menu which you can click on. Select Mounts. Can you see the previous automount share? Select and delete it.

    Quit out of WorkGroup Manager and re-launch it. Is the Home tab now displaying the information you want?

    When creating shares it's best to do this on the Server itself as is creating users and groups. Managed Policies are best set on a client workstation that has all the desired applications installed. Get into the habit of quitting out of both Server applications on the Server itself. Server Admin in the past had a 'tendency' to cause memory leaks if left open for long periods of time. WGM not so much. Not used 10.6 Server Admin that much to give an opinion either way. Both applications remotely don't present the same problems.

    Antonio Rocco (ACSA)
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