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Mac Thread, Remote Desktop reporting in Technical; Maybe I'm just being really thick (quite possible) but I've never been able to get Apple Remote Desktop to do ...
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    Remote Desktop reporting

    Maybe I'm just being really thick (quite possible) but I've never been able to get Apple Remote Desktop to do any reports. It deploys software fine, copies files, controls clients, eg every other method of communication with clients is fine, but when I try and do a report or file search, it sits there for eternity saying 'waiting for report data' and eventually fails. Its never, ever worked.

    Using 3.3.2, and while some clients are still on 3.2.1, neither version actually works. I've got every remote management option ticked on the clients sharing prefs, and ARD says I dont need to do anything except add the computers to the 'all computers' list which I obviously have.
    OS is 10.5.8

    Any ideas?

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    I was having this issue, too. You need to set the machine to generate client data for the reports (simply adding the machine within ARD Admin will not do this).

    Double click on a machine in ARD to reveal the "info" window (if double clicking doesn't do this, you can control-click and select Get Info). You should see three tabs - Attributes, Reporting, and Administrators. Click on Reporting, then Edit, and choose which types of data you want to generate (System Profile, File System, Application Usage, User Accounting) and how often you want to generate it. Then click Done and you should be all set.

    Good luck! And post with any questions.

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