I just wanted to know if anyone else is using the latest release of Retrospect for Mac and having the same issue as me and if they have found a way to resolve it. From looking at the Retrospect forum I think it maybe a bug...

We are using build 8.1 (build 626) on our Mac server. We have an XRAID which has all the pupils work and this gets backed up to a freenas box which has 4tb of storage.

I followed the instructions in the video for 5 day rotation and have created 5 media sets (mon-fri) and would like a particular backup to go to a particular media set. I want to be able to keep 5 days of backups and then for it to reuse the existing media set and delete whats already on there.

When I first created the Media sets for the first week it backed up fine but now into the second week I keep getting the dreaded 'need media' message.

I want it to delete the contents of the media set so I dont run out of space as our pupil work is quite large. So I have set a recycle/groom policy which I thought would sort it as I have set it to 1 day to groom the media. This doesnt seem to be working though.

Does anyone know of a terminal script which I could use to delete the contents of what is on the nas box and then hopefully once that is deleted Retrospect will hopefully see it as a new media set and begin backing up without coming up with this need media message.

Or Is there an alternative way I could backup to the NAS box. I want to schedule it to run backups and once I have set it I just want retrospect to manage the backups and for me to just to check to see if backups are being made successfully or if they have failed.

This 'needs media' message, have other users had this?