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Mac Thread, iMovie 09 on a network in Technical; Hi there hope someone can shed some light on this for me. We are running a mac suite of 22 ...
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    iMovie 09 on a network

    Hi there hope someone can shed some light on this for me.

    We are running a mac suite of 22 iMacs which are linked to our xserv open directory replica and windows 2003 domain.

    All users log on fine and access their home directory via AD authentication etc.

    The problem is that kids are using iMovie09 and when you move the project file to the media share on the xserv the project file wont open and shows as empty ! Any ideas of how to overcome this ?

    I'm also having problems with auto mounting the shares on the xserv as they don't automount although the credentials are correct and permissions are set. If they goto connect to server they can map so its not an authentication issue.

    im under pressure to get a workable solution regarding saving the imovie data on the xserv as the 2003 servers dont have enough space so any help will be much appreciated.

    Many thanks everyone.


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    I'm having similar issues "shareing" files from Imovie HD. I have managed to get them to save to USB memory sticks but not to local hard drive or network share.

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    Are you moving just the projects file or are you moving the events folder too?

    I know I moved something a bit back and as I'd only moved the project file (effectively a reference file from what I can tell) and the event material stayed put.

    I'm not sure how you'd get a around this on XServer as I only have the odd mac where I am, so no lovely server to play with (if we buy any more I'll be asking for one though! lol).

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    i think the project & events are linked together, so must be both moved to the relevant places

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