I'm running a room of iMac at my school, bound to a OD server and also our School wide AD domain. I've been looking for ways to enable our pupils to have a windows home directory(which we redirect our my documents folder to) and a mac home directory. I discovered the extend schema method, and believe i have correctly extended the schema. When i try to setup/modify the "Home" Settings for the active directory users in Workgroup manager it tells me I am not authorised to carry out the action? does anyone know a solution to this? I'm logging on to the server through screen sharing, as a admin user of the server and then in wgm im authenticated to ad as an administrator.

In workgroup manager it says that the home is assigned to the user, but if i dscl the user it just shows the basic windows information.

Have I done anything wrong, or is this another quirk of snow leopard?

I'm also experiencing problems with our binding to the active directory domain, with both the work stations and the server, DNS seems fine, but the server will randomly lose the bind during the night and the imacs when they restart will randomly connect to ad and some will not