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Mac Thread, LaunchAgent/AppleScript/Shell Script ----- help in Technical; Hi Until I can convince the Powers that Be to spend some money on a Mac Mini with OSX server ...
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    LaunchAgent/AppleScript/Shell Script ----- help

    Until I can convince the Powers that Be to spend some money on a Mac Mini with OSX server for our small Mac Network (15 machines) i need to find some way of mounting our Public directory from the Active Directory onto the client Mac machines which have been bound to the AD. This share is not writeable by students and is used as a resource area by teaching staff.

    I have created an Applescript application to sucessfully mount the share however I am stumped trying to force all users of machine to run this at login. The app runs sucessfully at login of the admin account but I am unsure of how to make all users run it when logging on from the Active Directory.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Mac OS X: Creating a login hook

    You can do something using Sys Prefs > Accounts > Login Items to achieve something similar as wel...

    these are client specific changes though...

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