During the summer I've upgraded the hard disks of our xServe and reinstalled OSX server. I've reinstalled all relevent software and reconfigured everything as before. However trying to install and setup Deploy Studio seems to be a problem.
Once installed I use the Deploy Studio Assistant to enter the 'setup a deploy studio server' process. The first step is to enter the credentials that deploy studio will use. This is an OD administrator created specifically for this purpose named 'Deploy'. I cannot use this user or even the local administrator to setup deploy studio, evertime it returns the error 'insufficent credentials you are not autherized to administer this server'.
I am using my Macbook with screen sharing to undertake this task on the xServe but don't see how this should be causing an issue.
Deploy Studio forums have pointed towards an issue with the proxy server however there is no proxy server in use.
I'm not sure why I can't setup Deploy Studio on this server any ideas?