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Mac Thread, Mac OS X Snow Leopard - Free, or not? in Technical; Originally Posted by j17sparky Not really no. Or else 10.1 would be the equivalent of Windows 98, and 10.6 would ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by j17sparky View Post
    Not really no. Or else 10.1 would be the equivalent of Windows 98, and 10.6 would be Windows 7.Windows 98 is about as different from windows 7 as OSX is from OS9 (probably more so).
    A more workable (but still far from perfect) way of looking at it is the .5 in 10.5 is similar to the SP in windows, since macs .5 release number adds minor features and fixes, just like a SP.
    I'm going to disagree. (hell why not )

    Mac OS 1-9 was analogous to the Dos/Windows line upto and including ME.

    Max OS X is like the NT line. Just because Apple choose to use 10.x rather than OS 11, 12 etc doesn't make them any less a valid major version. Also just because NeXTStep/OS X has pretty solid foundations or Apple choose not to play with the UI too much doesn't mean a lot of work is not going into each release.

    The bug fixes/service packs are the free minor releases - 10.5.x.

    Snow leapard is the 6th major version of OS 10 in the same way that Win 7 is the 6th major version of Windows NT.

    What ever way you look at it Snow Leopard is not a free update. According to the WWDC keynote speech it'll be a cheaper upgrade product for existing Leopard owners. Everyone else pays full price.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HodgeHi View Post
    Snow Leopard will be released in US for $29. How much that will translate to in £ is yet to be seen
    Yes, it is indeed very funny how the £ suddenly becomes the most powerful currency in the world when Apple bring their products over the pond. As was lately seen in the extortionate exchange rate calculation in relation to the iPhone 3GS.
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