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Mac Thread, Mac Book Pro - freezing in Technical; Does that do a zero fill?...
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    Does that do a zero fill?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mac_shinobi View Post
    That's what apple care is for and anything can go wrong with any computers at the end of the day hardware will only last for so long hence MTBF ( mean time between failure ) and also how much you use it and how much you put it through its paces ie if you only open a word document up and type for an hour versus doing video encoding etc
    I know, it was only a tongue in cheek comment. Because they are famed for their reliability, and it's very rare to get faults like freezing on them, the opportunity for a poorly executed sarcastic comment was just too good to miss.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mac_shinobi View Post
    or you could use your OS X disc and boot using that by pressing and holding the C key and then opening up disk utility from the utility menu and wipe it that way
    still reports the error, its foobard I'd suspect, never mind needed a bigger one for Windows 7 so its another new paperweight for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Batman View Post
    Does that do a zero fill?
    Yep it sure can

    1. Insert os x installation disc 1
    2. Reboot and hold down the C key to boot from cd / Dvd
    3. Once you get to first screen go to utility menu and click on / select disk utility
    4. Select / click on relevant memory device / hard drive / memory stick ( not sure if this works for re-writeable cd or DVD media?)
    5. Click on security options button and either select the zero out data option or one of the other options and click ok and then click on go / set it on it's merry way and wait until done

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    Thanks guys, i think i have enough to go on

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