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Mac Thread, How do I ghost a MAC in Technical; Originally Posted by armadillo Do I need to run bootcamp on the Macs I want to clone and restore Win ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by armadillo View Post
    Do I need to run bootcamp on the Macs I want to clone and restore Win OS to?

    I hope this is going to be easier when I get my mac mini server!!

    Thank you guys for your advice and help- I eventually managed to clone the Macs with dual OS XP and OSX. Here it is what I did:

    1- Installed deploy studio on one Mac.

    2- Installed carbon copy or winclone onto a dual boot Mac (Mac above), then plug in the external USB disk.

    3- Used deploy studio to transfer the Mac OS onto the external USB disk

    4- Booted another Mac and ran bootcamp, partitioned the disk and allocated 66GB for windows. The total disk size is 320GB. Switched off the Mac.

    5- Booted the Mac above onto the USB Disk by holding the alt tab on the keyboard before it boots to OS, then chose to boot to the external disk.

    6- Ran carbon copy or winclone to restore the WIndows OS onto the external disk or bootcamp partition. restarted the Mac and windows started tor un disk check, after another reboot the machine was ready.
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