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Mac Thread, OS X Side bar not mounting shares. in Technical; Hello all, So it looks like it is my turn now with some AFP/Finder grief. I have re-built my domain ...
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    OS X Side bar not mounting shares.

    Hello all,

    So it looks like it is my turn now with some AFP/Finder grief. I have re-built my domain (both AD and OD side of things) and have come to teh point where i need to create the shares to store the User Dirs.

    There are currently 2 issues that i am facing the biggest issue is the shares fail to mount in Finder. I get the message on the screen, although that is only when i double click on the mounted share to access it. So i reality the share is mounting, OS X just can't navigate it. But it's only a problem through the side-bar. I can click on my home dir and view the contents just fine, which are stored inside that share-point that the side-bar can't navigate through.

    The other issue is that i am trying to create the home dirs for the AD users but when i run createhomedir -n /Active\ Directory/All\ Domains -u ADUser, it ignores the AD part and just runs against the OD FQDN.

    Whether the 2 are linked i'm not sure. I'm just hoping someone can give me a little help as i'm losing the will to live.

    Errors in the logs as well are in picture 2.

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