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Mac Thread, First Macbook headaches in Technical; Hi, I'm running a simple Windows 2003 AD domain and one of our teachers has bought 7 macbooks. I've got ...
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    First Macbook headaches


    I'm running a simple Windows 2003 AD domain and one of our teachers has bought 7 macbooks.

    I've got them to bind to the directory no problem and the home drive appears to be mapping fine but I can't get it to do the following:
    1)Set up the proxy server on logon, I need Safari to set it to eduproxy.bgfl.org on port 80. I set it up originally but it doesn't remember it for each user logon.
    2)He uses a program called Comic Life which is licensed for each machine but when a new class logs on it asks for the licence key again.

    Any ideas?


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    If you are not applying settings using WGM (ie using OS X Server) then you can configure things by using the user template on each machine ... or by using login hooks.

    If you search through earlier posts (mainly by Robert Moir) there are some good guides to using the user template (direct links on his site escape me atm).

    I learnt about login hooks from Mike Bombich's site Bombich.com: Bombich Software and from MacEnterprise.org (formally macosxlabs.org)

    Sorry I can't give you a direct solution but this should help start the ball rolling.

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