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Mac Thread, Would I need a Mac Server? in Technical; My mac mini and OS X Server at home has been solid now for over a year...
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    My mac mini and OS X Server at home has been solid now for over a year

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    No you don't, you can just extend your ad schema to accomodate the extra mac options!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HodgeHi View Post
    Do you have any links to these?

    I would be greatly interested on how it has developed since the last time i saw.
    Apple - Seminars Online - Modifying Active Directory Schema to Support Mac Computers

    It tells you to sign up for access to the white papers, although this is only for US people. Simply google the white paper names to locate them on the apple site anyway, all 3 are there. Watch the video too, it's very informative.

    Don't need the special scripts from apple any more, it seems, just using ADAM from Microsoft and some manual editing.

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    We've just got a Mac Mini and OSX Server to do exactly this with 26 macs. Not had chance to play with it yet, managed to get OSX installed on it but only via the upgrade option, couldn't boot from the CD. Let me know how you get on!

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