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Mac Thread, Introducing Macs to a PC network in Technical; Hi All, I've done a quick search, and the threads I've found are a little different to what we're looking ...
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    Introducing Macs to a PC network

    Hi All,

    I've done a quick search, and the threads I've found are a little different to what we're looking at and I have some specific questions too.

    Firstly, can you reccommend an article that shows how to add a mac to a windows domain?

    Can you get adm or admx templates to add to AD to enforce policies on Macs?

    Can you get/create logon scripts to define the mapped network drives other than the home directory?

    We use Ghost 8 to image the PCs but can this be used to image Macs as well?

    And finally, I've heard that you can install windows on the intel based Macs, is that true and can you dual boot?

    Thanks very much for any help.

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    Most of these are answered in the various threads on this forum in the Mac section,
    I believe that you need a Mac server to enforce the equivalent of ADM and ADMX GPOs on them, your GPOs have no affect on Macs.
    Logon Scripts I beleive are possible, again a mac server would be needed I would guess
    Ghosting Macs is possible again there are threads on imaging macs on here.

    I am not a mac expert but have picked bits and bobs up from here so give it a look,

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    Have a look at boot camp to dual boot your mac's. Its pretty straight forward.

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