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Mac Thread, Adding Mac's to a Windows Server 2008 Network in Technical; Hi all, We're currently in the middle of a major revamp of our network, and as part of it we're ...
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    Adding Mac's to a Windows Server 2008 Network

    Hi all,

    We're currently in the middle of a major revamp of our network, and as part of it we're adding a mini suite of Imacs (and by mini I mean adding 5 machines to the existing 1 that we have for the reprographics lady) predominantly for use by Media Studies, but as a school resource.

    Our requirements are fairly simple, we'd want users to authenticate on the Windows Domain and have access to shared drives and their own personal network drive.

    What's the best way to go about administering these machines? Would we be best bringing in a dedicated Mac Server of some description (any advice on this would be greatly appreciated), or would we be ok simply using something like "AdmitMac"?

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.



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    I found this link very useful in binding our Mac mini's to our server 2003 active directory
    Big Nerd Ranch Weblog Mac OS/Linux/Windows Single Sign-On
    I'm sure server 2008 wont be too different, most of the work is on the Mac's anyway and there are just a few things to check on the windows server.
    The setup described in the article allows for authentication using windows credentials, and there is also info on automounting things like windows "my documents" drive mappings.
    We only use the authentication part here.
    hope this helps

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    We use centrify (Active Directory-based auditing, access control, and identity management for your UNIX, Linux, Mac OS, Java and web platforms from Centrify), this allows users in AD to log onto the Mac's using the same password and user name as in AD.

    Also you can manage your Mac's using group policy and as long as your file store is on Windows Server 2003 or an Apple Xserver you can map these shares. Windows Server 2008 file store will work when apple releases a fix... duh

    Oh yeah you can also print to a windows print server... very easy to use

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    I am able to bind a mac mini to AD in Directory Utility so that my domain shows up in Directory servers, search policy has /Active Directory/All Domains listed. But I still can not log in using the domain\user logins.

    Anyone have any tips to try?

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    Also see the sticky threads at http://www.edugeek.net/forums/mac/ - a couple of these are HOWTOs.

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