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Mac Thread, Integrating macs on a windows network in Technical; Hey, We have a windows server 2003 network and have 20 macs running os 10.4. I have successfully been able ...
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    Integrating macs on a windows network


    We have a windows server 2003 network and have 20 macs running os 10.4. I have successfully been able to add them to active directory and users can log on. However my next problem is 'restricting' them down for users, such as no access to system preferences etc. We have a mac server running os 10.5 and I have configured open directory on it. I can also see active directory in the workgroup manager too. When in the local open directory I have set up I have created a group, set some preferences but am unable to add users from AD. When in active directory I have tried to set preferences but I could not save them.

    Has anybody done anything like this before, am I going about this the wrong way? Any help would be much appreciated.


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    You are definatly heading down the right track.
    We have been working at this for some time and have just about got it sorted.
    Firstly, I would recommend you look at ADmit Mac as an intergration tool instead of Apple's built in Active Directory.
    Secondly, The preferences ARE set on the Apple Server through Workgroup Manager.
    This is a little complicaited to explain here, but when you are in Workgroup Manager, you want the main area to be authenticating against the Open Directory so you can set up the permissions group. When it comes to adding a user from Active Directory, then a side panel will appear on the right of the Workgroup Manager. You will need to make sure this is authenticating to Active Directory and your AD users and groups should appear. When they do, drag over the ones you want to put into this OD group.

    There are several web sites that give step by step instructions on how to do this, including screen shots so have a search and see what you can find.

    If you have any specific questions, message me and I will see what I can do to help.


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    what i do is create your groups on the windows side lets say "WIN_INTAKE2010" and obviously add all your new year 7s to that group.
    go to the mac side, then create your group that you are going to use to manage that group on the Mac side, so lets say "MCX_INTAKE2010". then instead of dragging users in like above from the side pane, drag the WIN_intake2010 group into MCX_intake2010 instead.

    the advantage of this is once all your managed prefs are setup you wont have to touch the mac side every time you create a new user on the windows AD.

    prefixing group names helps you from getting all confused too!

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