Hi everyone,

I'm having a mental problem trying to work out if my plan is possible. I have vanilla server 2003 setup and to that i have added a room of macs + osx server. All the AD OD stuff is hunkydorey, all the clients bound to AD and OD and can log on with AD credentials and get home folder as stack.

What I set out to do was a little different and i;m going round in circles with augmenting users etc. What i want to have is the windows pcs accessing the home folder which has my documents redirected, and on the macs i want this as a mount on the desktop/finder not as a stack whilst having a mac portable home directory load when the user logs in. or even better, the mac portable home document folder somehow links to the home my document redirection....

Then on top of this a group folder that mounts as a shared area for swapping of photos videos etc

What i dont really want is the mac home directory going into windows home directory as then teachers who have links to the kids work directory going through and clearing out library folders.

Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Should I just give up and get someone like cancom or albian to come configure it for me?