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Mac Thread, Cloning Mac Minis with Firewire in Technical; Hiya, Maybe someone from WHD can help me here. I have a classroom full of Mac Minis (don'r ask why), ...
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    Cloning Mac Minis with Firewire


    Maybe someone from WHD can help me here.

    I have a classroom full of Mac Minis (don'r ask why), that I've bootcamped into XP (again, don't ask why) which need rebuilding. Can someone remind me which key I have to press during boot-up to kick the Firewire cloning off, and does this work while booting into XP or will I have to boot them into Mac first?


    PS Anyone not using Web Help Desk should seriously look into it, it's automated my life amazingly since we purchased it.

    PPS This is not a suck-up.

    PPPS I take cheques, Visa and foreign currency.

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    T for target
    so i think control + T

    search google its all there..

    "Mac Boot Keys" is where i would start

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    Just T will do

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