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Mac Thread, Getting started with a Mac network in Technical; Further to an earlier thread of mine it seems our principal is introducing Macs by stealth. Well, not very stealthy, ...
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    Getting started with a Mac network

    Further to an earlier thread of mine it seems our principal is introducing Macs by stealth. Well, not very stealthy, really, as there'll be 40 or so very soon now. There has been no thought given as to how we integrate and manage them. I've browsed this forum and found things like a very useful guide to building a sandbox to play with OD - AD integration and I'm certainly game to try to get this situation under some sort of control, although no-one here has any Mac experience.

    So, I assume I'll need an Xserve to host the OD. (Don't know where we'll put it, what with our 6 brand new Wintel blades coming in next week ...). What else do I need? Any particular Xserver software? Yes, I know I need training.

    I imagine we'll be running Parallels on the Macs, and that Windows will be around for a long time yet, but I assume that the long-term plan is to migrate. Any case studies of a successful migration would be very welcome.

    We run a Server 2003-based network with two DCs, Akhter Jigsaw to provide some management, Exchange Server 2003, (some) SharePoint and a few other bits and bobs that'll need moving at some stage. There are about 800 users and 250 or so machines on the current domain.

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    Since it sounds like you have a fair bit of money to hand yo may be interested in AdmitMac rather than going the Xserve route. This allows you to manage the OS X clients right in the AD.

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    AdmitMac could be one way? Not my favourite bit of software (Sorry Mark!). To be honest you would not actually need it? Judging by your post there should be enough built into the client OS to achieve what you want anyway. You could manage mac hardware clients via a Computer List/Group. Server Administration applications are available free to download from Apple's website which should allow you to achieve this.

    How successful integration is will rest pretty much on how well DNS and your AD are configured. You might want to seriously consider beefing up the network infrastructure as well. Depending on their ultimate use - video, music etc - gigabit networking throughout should be what you're aiming for. Interestingly introducing macs into a wholly windows environment will find out every little flaw in your current environment that PCs don't normally care about like nothing else.

    There should be plenty of examples that could you see for yourself in your area? AD-OD Integration has been going on for at least 5 years that I know of. As time has gone on there has been less legwork and hassle involved. Leopard does make it easier than ever before.

    This does not mean to say it's not without its problems or faults. However if approached correctly a fair level of success can be achieved.

    At the top of the forum Ross has provided links to his site detailing what can be done.

    Antonio Rocco (ACSA)

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