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Mac Thread, SEN Profile for a mac in Technical; Hi gang, We've just installed an apple suite in our music department. Some of our kids have profiles setup on ...
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    SEN Profile for a mac

    Hi gang,

    We've just installed an apple suite in our music department. Some of our kids have profiles setup on our windows system to allow the following:

    800x 600 screen resolution
    large mouse
    slowed the mouse down to crawl speed etc etc

    Our music teacher has put a request in to have a profile created for our SEN kids to enable them to use the macs.

    It took me a good week to setup the system and Im not sure how I can do thins.

    current setup

    2008 AD
    Apple xserver
    macs binded to ads and ad
    kids logon using normal username and passwords and can get access to the SAN server for storing there musical creations.

    has anyone created a special profile and how did they do this?

    additional questions

    1. some of the machines keep losing connection to the 2008 ad so users can't logon. This is becoming a pain. any reason why and how can I fix this.

    2. any recomendations for SEN mac keyboards?

    ok... if anyone can help me I would really really appreciate this, Im not a mac user, and this is a big leap for me... nothing like been challenged ey!?

    cheers gang

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    I had to set up some mac minis for the nursery. Not quite the same but i used the parental controls to lock it down. This seemed by far the easiest thing to do. In your case depending on the requirements i would start with the configuration of universal access and then. You could turn them on and then disable the keyboard shortcuts.

    You could on the other hand configure the universal access stuff on the normal accounts and configure the keyboard shortcuts for those instead.

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