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Mac Thread, renaming imac after imaging in Technical; This is really getting on my t1t5! I've sucessfully setup an imac and imaged it, after that I then sent ...
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    renaming imac after imaging

    This is really getting on my t1t5!

    I've sucessfully setup an imac and imaged it, after that I then sent this image out to 9 other imacs and they all have the same name as the machine I origonaly imaged.

    origional imac_01

    ghosted machines

    imac_01 (02)
    imac_02 (03)
    imac_03 (04) etc etc etc

    I've been searching the net trying to find a simple answer to a stupid problem and everyone is saying you need to go to 'system preffrences - sharing andthen change the machine there.... but its grayed out!!

    any ideas, help, or a gun would be greatfully appreciated

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    I have just done the exact same thing for 30 imacs and I had no problem renaming them after imaging them. How have you done the imaging ? I imaged directly from one mac to another using carbon copy cloner and a 800 firewire cable. Both of them were off the network at the time of imaging and renaming. They were also not yet joined to either a windows active directory or mac open directory domain, I did that after I had renamed the target imac. If you are joined to a domain you may need to unbind before you can change the name.

    The only other thing I did was to enable the root user account. In Leopard go to the "Open Directory" utility then "Edit" and select "Enable root user" then just enter a password.

    Hope some of that helps


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    First thing how you re-imaging??? Using OS x server and netboot ??? Or like super-doper ???
    On system preference have you check that padlock on bottom left corner???
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